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The Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1995, and is situated 275 Km from Lahore at Shahpur, Distt. Sargodha.

The Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd is engaged is the manufacturing of White Refined Sugar with Sugar Cane Crushing capacity of 8,000 M Tons per day. Based on 160 days season and 9 % sucrose recovery, YSML can produce around 115,000 M. Tons White Refined Sugar per annum.

The Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd is achieving has the highest crushing rates. The mill was designed and manufactured by Haseeb Waqas engineering. The milling tandem consists of 5 mills of 42"X 84" and has a crushing capacity of 8000 M Tons per day

The Mill has three boilers 80 ton each. The Mill with innovative processes is manufacturing Sugar with less impurities and the crystal has white translucent white color. The Sugar meets all the quality standards.

The Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd is also one of the big producers of sugar in the country. Sugar manufactured by The Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd is recognized as a premium quality product having global reach & acceptance.

The white plantation white sugar is produced at Shahpur by Double sulphitation followed by syrup clarification by phospho floatation process. The plantation white sugar thus produced not only meets the specifications of ISS standards of Government of Pakistan but also surpasses in many of quality aspects. The sugar produced contains lower color and other impurities.

The sugar produced at Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd is direct consumption plantation white low ICUMSA (an International method for determining color value of sugar, lower value means whiter sugar), bold grain sugar which commands premium in the market. A lot of emphasis is placed on the quality control procedures and quality of sugar produced in the factories.

All the emphasis is on usage of energy efficient systems, modern technology and R & D for better operations and for improved per hectare sugar output. As a result of Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd tie up with Sugar Research at Haseeb Waqas Farms, the Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd has access to modern equipments & processes know how.

Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd also has access to the best sugar equipments & knowledge in the World. The technical expertise of Yousaf Sugar Mills Ltd has also been used in getting process audit done thereby implementing the various suggestions.

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