Bano Meraj charitable Trust was established under the chairmanship of Mian Mehraj Din on July, 1998. It is a Non profit Organization incorporated as a charitable trust. Its main Objective is to help the society for better health facilities and education for the poor and less privileged class. The Board Of trusties Includes.
  1. Mian Mehraj Din
  2. Mian Ilyas Mehraj
  3. Mian Muhammad Ejaz
  4. Mian Waqas Riaz
With a common desire to make meaningful contribution to the society, HWG has laid the foundation of Bano Meraj Trust. Conscious of the crucial role education plays in shaping an individual and his / her productivity, the aim to promote and catalyze universal education among children and their welfare was decided as the key result area.

The trust is a trans-sectional Humanitarian Development organisation without any religious, political or governmental affiliations. Our development ideology "Educate and, Change the Society" is reflective of realistic translation of it's Founders philosophy and mission into vibrant actions.

The Trust is committed to providing basic, quality and relevant education and well being of less privileged so that they can look towards a future built on a strong foundation. It will make them to make informed choices, resist oppression and claim their rights, besides opening new possibilities and opportunities for themselves. As it is every human birthright and nothing else can compare or compete with it.

Bano Meraj Trust aims to make every unprivileged self-reliant, thus creating a society of independent people living with dignity.
Conscious of the fact that a nation's vast reservoir of wealth lies in its human capital and its children being its future, the trust has decided to work for up-lifting and empowerment of the country's young brigade. Accordingly, Bano Meraj Trust has incorporated its vision and mission in the following areas:

  • Quality Education
  • Literacy Enhancement
  • Health

Areas of working


Cash grants to the poor and deserving. Sick people for treatment of serious diseases like Cancer Hepatitis etc.

Free dispensaries established near the surrounding areas of Nankana Sahib. Supply of free medicines to the poor patients of Nankana sahib Amanwala

Construction of Orthopeadic and Spine Surgery Complex at Government Services Hospital Lahore.

A charitable Hospital at Nankana sahib (under construction) in order to provide free medical facilities to the poor and unprivileged class of the area.

Supply of free books to the needy students.
Grant of Monthly Scholarships to the poor and brilliant students.


Establishment of Darul-Aloom Meraj ul Quran Madarassa at Bhurban Murree for importing free religious education to poor students along with free boarding and lodging etc.

Cash grants to the widows for their daughter’s marriages

Supply of food, Medicines and tents for the earth quake victims of Azad Kashmir.


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