We have designed Weekly Independent especially for people like you - who have far too little time to sift through the barrage of data and facts generated by the media today. It provides, every week, a crisp and insightful package to give you the essence of the news. While politics is an important component of the magazine, Weekly Independent looks at the full spectrum of current affairs: from business, lifestyle and technology to the arts, society, sports and international news and views.

The magazine is written for an audience of senior business, political, military and financial decision-makers who value it for the accuracy of its incisive writing and lack of partisanship.

Galvanizing a sluggish market reeling under the impact of satellite TV, Weekly Independent has also Carved a significant niche for itself among students who value it for sensitizing them to issues of national and international importance. The weekly enjoys a loyal subscription base of 3000 college and university students. They were targeted in an extensive campaign carried out in major institutions of Islamabad and Lahore .

Its stylish visual format. Travel, fashion and art and book reviews make it the preferred magazine of more and more people including house women.

It has become a status symbol and looks good on an office desk, in students' bag, and on lounge tables. In less than a year of its launch, Weekly Independent's countrywide subscription has grown to 26,000 and includes some impressive names from among the opinion leaders.
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