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HWSML is one of the largest white refined sugar manufacturer in Pakistan with a Sugar Cane Crushing Capacity Of 10,000 M. Tons per day Based on 160 Days of season, and 8.5% sucrose recovery HWSML had produced around 136000 M. tons white refined sugar per annum.
HWSML incorporated in 1991 As a Public Limited Company. It is located at Nankana Sahib about 100 KM from Group Head Office in Lahore. Continuous technological improvement has been the corporate strategy of HWSML Group. It has charted new directions for the Sugar Industry, through its Research and Developmental efforts.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill developed and used state of the art technology for cane preparation with a split cane carrier system for the first time in the country. This brought a revolution into the sugar industry in Pakistan.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill pioneered the Feeder Technology in Pakistan which was developed in-house. Today a majority of the new mills in Pakistan have installed these pressure feeders. Utilizing this technology, the crushing capacity can be enhanced with a low capital investment.

Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill is achieving one of the highest crushing rates. The mill was designed and manufactured by Haseeb Waqas engineering. The milling tandem consists of 5 mills of 42"X 84" and has a crushing capacity of 10000 Tons per day. This has been done by installing an 5 roller pressure feeder mill. Some of the advantages are:

  • Enhanced crush rate at a lower power consumption.
  • Better extraction
  • Lower manpower requirement.

Another first in Pakistan from Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mill was the Pressure Evaporation System with Falling Film Type Evaporator Bodies. The Mills has three boilers 80 ton each.
Haseeb Waqas Group with innovative processes is manufacturing Sugar with less impurities and the crystal has white translucent white color. The Sugar meets all the quality standards.

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