ASM-Distillery is situated in Nankana, Sheikhupura. It has a capacity to produce 125,000 Ltr/day of Alcohol. In addition it can also produce Fuel grade Alcohol (99.8 %). The distillery is based upon sugar cane molasses, which is a byproduct of sugar mills.

State of the art DCS control system is used for plant operation, which not only ensures increased reliability and availability of plant but also the highest quality product. For ensuring the highest environmental control and for the production of a total "Green Product" a biogas plant is installed. Therefore the biogas plant not only generates a huge amount of biogas from the spent wash but also ensures the complete wastewater treatment which meets the "Environmental Quality Standards".

The distillery uses transmitters in stand-alone mode for temperature control of heat exchangers, a closed-loop cooling system on the plant air compressor, pressure control of steam, level control on a high-pressure boiler feed water system, and several other applications. This is possible because the transmitters have their own embedded PID controller, providing measurement and control capabilities in a single instrument. As a result, the distillery could use fewer devices and reduce wiring.

By opting not to tie no critical loops back into the DCS and by incorporating the transmitter-controllers into the process, the distillery cut in half the costs associated with implementing and maintaining the loops.

In addition to minimizing the processing load on its DCS, found that having the controllers and transmitters in one unit simplified troubleshooting, calibration, and maintenance. In addition, the implementation provided an extra measure of flexibility because the transmitters can be used as replacements in loops in which a controller has to be taken out of service.

Beside all these utilities the distillery is equipped with ultramodern machinery and is working on International Standard Operating procedures.

Abdullah Distillery Ltd.
Grade / Specification Units Absolute Alcohol
(Fuel Grade
Contents CH3, CH2, OH %
> 99.8
Density (20 C) g/ml 0.789--0.791
Boiled---off residue   0.0005
Moisture % 0.2
Acidly Mmol/100g 0.02
Alkalinity Mmol/100g 0.0005
Methyl Alcohol % 0.02
is propylene Alcohol % 0.0333
Carolyn Compound (CO) % 0.0333
Iron (Fe) % 0.00001
Zinc (Zn) % 0.00001
Reduction Potassium %
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